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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

 CANCER MOON:  41 94 95 101 155 199 302
We are in the Year of the Dragon so the following Cancer #'s are also in play 
193 436 589 956 2727
Medical Astrology:  Cancer is primarily associated with stomach and breast 26 88 337

The Cancer Moon is going to create a lot of stimulating conversations and thinking.  Don't worry and become restless, it'll soon pass.  Like other water signs, the Moon in Cancer will make you talk about the things closest to your heart and everything you're passionate about. 
The Moon in Cancer HELPS you to resolve home & work issues quickly and quietly.  You'll find yourself moving that furniture around or getting the dust off the top of the TV stand.
 LOL...THE ADVENTURER is making you restless BUT The Cancer moon is making you standoffish with a need to stay close to things that give you a sense of security.  I understand,,
Trying to shake the jumpy feeling while trying to also get a little  emotional support is difficult because most humans are trying to get the same thing at the same time.
Be ever Patient! What do you expect?  The Great Mother, aka the Moon, has the tides shifting and moves the Cancers home too and fro.
P.S. If you're having to live & or love a Cancer born person, now is the time to crawl up next to them, they'll spoon you and give you all the cuddling and loving support you need!

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