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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Take out that Trash

Jamala Cooper brought up the Pluto Retrograde on another site and it got me to thinking about what I know about the "so called icy orb."

When Pluto retrogrades it pushes us to the point of urgency and we realize, it's time for us to clean house!

Are you aware that as long as you have old things in your life you're really never making room for something new?  If you are still bringing new things in to your waking day, you're doing one or two of the following:

1 Packing up old stuff and placing it where it doesn't belong
2 Put new things on top of old things
3 Put the old things in places where you hardly ever go, for instance in a basement (soul) or attic(mind)
4 Washing them and saving them thinking you may use them again
5 Putting them in storage.

You and I have talked about these habits before but I don't mind talking about them again.  So as it is above, it is below.  In this case I'm talking about our minds what ever is thoughts is what we attract.  If you're constantly thinking about the old things how in the world do you attract anything new?

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