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Monday, January 21, 2013


Just because I have an Aries sun, doesn't mean that I have an Aries mentality. I've got 6 other planets in my horoscope and therefore, I am all things. The Sun is In Aquarius so it's time to rebel. SUDDEN GENIUS SPARKS us to think and create I know you felt it coming in your mental on the 16th of this month. Don't try to push it away! On the 25th, the Sun & Uranus create opportunity. You'll see the 28th & 15th path (Aries) The Emperor, will be in it's natural habitat and the Electricity of Pioneering energy will push you to want to change the things that have rubbed you the wrong way. If you don't want to have arguments in any form of your relationships, wait until the end of this month to sit down and talk out your differences! 25th through 30th of this month, Look for something to pop off around folks in leadership. If you're in an Aquarius, its time to be reborn. The Sun and Mars are in your space so you'll feel that fire moving you to put away old things and get the true you moving! WATER NUMBERS are very valid!

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