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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Don't be mad at the Ass

DONKEY 845 0455 0757 2757 8757 ASS 127 168 111 2111 5346 6370 9384 Spiritual dedication, undying faith in the creative force and a willingness to take on the responsibilities and burdens of others. AN ASS IS not fond of change and often seems stubborn. If something is dangerous, the ass won't move. Its not because they are stubborn its because the ass has learned to trust the Divine or what some consider to be its intuitive senses. Asses are smart enough to know when they can or cant handle. When one continues to come into your path, you should take heed and take on the characteristics of that ass. MARK 11-1-11 & Numbers 22 3 things you need to know about the Ass in Mark 1) It had to be unleashed 2) It had a Divine purpose 3) It allowed the Divine to take charge of it's life Numbers 22 1-22 1) Had define purpose 2) Would not go against the will of God 3) Protected someone against himself

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