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Friday, July 5, 2013

Grand Trine

So here we sit at the beginning of the Grand Trine that is exalted in emotions of water.  A time of cleansing, purging and getting in touch with your feelings is upon us.

The Sun, Mercury, Mars and Jupiter will soon be in Cancer, trine Neptune and Chiron in Pisces, trine Saturn in Scorpio.  This Grand Water Trine event is a powerful opportunity for cleansing and connection on every level. 

Saturn 8 

Jupiter 3 
Neptune 7 

Jupiter trine Saturn – 17th July 2013 giving us pair 38
Jupiter trine Neptune – 18th July 2013 giving us 37
Saturn trine Neptune – 19th July 2013 giving us 87
Mars (9) trine Neptune/Saturn – 20th July 2013 giving us 978

Keep in mind we are in a Mercury Retrograde and the 00 and 149 are also in full effect as we take an extra few minutes to cry, laugh and reflect on the lessons that were and are.

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