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Friday, August 17, 2012

You did it for me,

I REMEMBER being sad because I had to catch the bus until, one day a coworker came to me in confidence and asked if she could borrow some money just to get home. Sometimes, we're so caught up in what we've got and we're praising and thanking the Divine for our bills being paid, the safety of our children and the ability to drive a car or catch a bus and we forget to thank the Divine for giving that someone the courage to "ASK." We forget that there is a moment of supplication before a person in need will trust in someone enough to say I'm in need or I need help. So it is today and every day that we should find a moment of Praise for those who have gone through and are willing to take a chance to be more. Take a moment today to reflect, go deep within and find a "shout" that says "God you've done it for me, now do it for them!"

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