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Monday, April 1, 2013

Astrology Card DRAW

What should you be doing the next 3 months of the year?

ARIES: Your card -Taurus. Time to complete, time to trust you!
TAURUS : Aries card, you need to light a fire under your ideas
GEMINI : Leo card, time for a new beginning. Creative self expression, wear
CANCER: Aquarius, time to take a small risk, it's a time of big changes in your
social skills.
LEO: Chiron card. Time to work on healing, mind, body, Spirit. Focus inward
VIRGO: Aquarius card, unconventional thoughts will help you move forward.
Yes you like things orderly but sometimes you've got to change just a little.
LIBRA: Cancer card, water emotion, time to put things in order regarding your
physical and emotional states. Yes this may include family & friends.
SCORPIO: GEMINI card, use your brain to work, not your emotions. Time to
adapt through conversation .
SAGITTARIUS : SIRES card, I know you don't like emotions. Time to just show
a little emotion & deal with parental issues.
CAPRICORN : SIRES card, you need to do the same as Capricorn. But look to
separate in unhealthy relationships.
AQUARIUS : Aquarius, You may need to mentor or become a mentor. You may
be called to become the Maverick. Keep going!
PISCES : LIBRA card, time to incorporate transformation. To move from the
physical to the Spiritual.

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