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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Taurus Moon is a Moon of Grounding.

The New Moon in Taurus usually brings about hard work and no kudos.  But the kudos come a little later.

The Taurus New Moon ushers in VENUS which is a feminine receptive nature.

We can look at this the Taurean way.  Taurus is the first Earth number.  It helps us to develop relationships on all facets.  It helps us to learn that money and things aren't what really makes you happy.  True wealth, is love, health and meaningful work.  Taurus teaches us that there are 2 ways to be rich.

1:  Place a value on what you want (this will tell you what you need to get it)
2:  Know and understand what you have (knowledge and overstanding is wealth)

This may seem like people are just giving you things for no apparent reason but the Taurus energy manifests itself through sight, sound, smell and taste.  You will find yourself getting more in tune with your physical and spiritual state as a way of grounding ourselves to Mother Earth.  You will find yourself as a higher expression of yourself, meaning you'll come to an awareness of what you need to do be much more powerful.

Take a moment to pick up dirt or smell flowers or anything that gets you connected to what is important.

Get UP, Get OUT & get SOMETHING!

P.S.  Write down the things you want to manifest so that you're prepared when the FULL PINK MOON which will show on 4/25

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